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Pine Grove, PA

Share your setter’s story and why he/she should be our next Cover Star!
Three blind 3.5 week old English Setter pups – no mom – in shelter - need rescue! A&B committed immediately. Three days later, the Kentucky trio was in the arms of their PA foster Mom! They arrived with worms, coccidia, belly blisters and kennel cough – but all three could see! Foster Mom knew immediately the tiniest pup Angel was in serious trouble! Angel couldn’t walk without falling. At 4 weeks old Angel had a procedure to save her leg! Foster Mom became Mom that day. Over the next 8 months, Angel was treated by 5 specialists. Everywhere Angel went she had celebrity status - People flocked to meet this cute little Albino pup! Could you resist these baby blues and soft pink nose? She quickly learned the vet would give her a pet on the head before doing their examination. The examination hurt! When she hurt – they stopped. We were seeing a new specialist for the first time. The vet barely touched Angel’s head and she let out a huge blood curdling scream. The vet jumped back in horror and Mom burst out laughing. Mom reached over and ruffed up her hair where the vet had just barely touched. Angel just wagged her tail. Yep she was playing the vet! She gave a performance deserving of an Oscar! Today Angel walks completely normal. She runs, jumps, and rough-houses with her 5 English Setter brothers and sisters and English Springer brother! Angel and her Mom share a very special bond. Thank goodness A&B was there that day to say “Yes”!

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