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Bloomington, Illinois

Share your setter’s story and why he/she should be our next Cover Star!
After our beloved setter passed away, we decided to start fostering. We agreed as a family, we were NOT going to get attached to ANY foster dog; we would simply be a foster family. In June we were thrilled to get our first foster. He was a beautiful 4-year old male, who had been kicked and shocked repeatedly by his owner. During his first days with us, “Oreo” was very scared and huddled on our deck, barely moving. Within days though, his sweet personality began to emerge and he started to get excited about things, meal time, going on walks, and “snorkeling” in the wading pool. He is very loving, smart and eager to please. Each day we grew more attached to him. We repeatedly reminded ourselves- we were ONLY fostering…..right???? But then we began to ask in jest, “Can we foster him for 12 years?” And what happens if we don’t “ok” any approved family to adopt him? And then we knew….Oreo WAS home, he was meant to be with us and we couldn’t imagine him going to any other family. So, last week we made it official, Oreo is ours! New leash-check! New dog bed-check! New collar and tag-check! Having Oreo, the most loveable dog in the world-priceless!
We are also fostering a deaf, much neglected, 2 year old setter named “Dancy”. Oreo keeps her company at night, teaches her how to play, and chases her until they both flop down, exhausted from having so much fun.

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