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AGPR Calendar Photo Fundraising Contest

An Easy and Fun Way to Help Us Help Great Pyrenees!
Welcome to our 3rd Annual Photo Calendar Fundraiser! It's no surprise – Great Pyrenees are some of the most photogenic dogs around. Whether it is because of their big, white fluffiness or badger markings or soulful, gorgeous eyes or their crazy antics – the cameras are always clicking.

Is your Pyr worthy of a coveted spot on the 2018 AGPR calendar? Here's your chance to put your beloved companion in the spotlight. It's simple and easy.

Enter your Pyr's picture here ($20 registration fee includes 5 votes to start your Pyr's campaign) and then start campaigning for votes. Don't forget to tell everyone - your family, friends and Social media followers – and then wait for the votes to roll in.

It's such fun to say "look, my Pyr is in this calendar!". Get ready to brag and enter your favorite photo of your Pyr(s) to win one of 12 coveted spots in our 2018 AGPR Calendar. The top vote earner will be on the cover of the calendar!

People can vote as often as they like and votes will be displayed on the contest web page as they come in. Remember - vote early, vote often, and encourage friends and families to vote. Our goal is to raise $8,000 to help AGPR continue their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome wonderful Great Pyrenees dogs.

This is our third year running this fundraiser. Here's what we learned from our first two events:

  • While we all love Great Pyrenees, your Pyr may have a canine or feline companion. Please feel free to include them in the photo if it is one of your favorites.
  • No people in the photos – we prefer to protect the privacy of our humans.
  • We beg you to please make sure your photos are of high enough quality to reproduce well. The better the resolution, the nicer the photograph will reproduce on the calendar.
  • The more you communicate your participation in the contest (i.e. at work, with friends, via Social media), the better chances you have to win one of the top spots, and the more our Pyrs benefit. Votes are $1 per vote.
  • Calendars make excellent holiday gifts! People love seeing a big white (sometimes) fluffy dog looking at them each month…makes them smile!
  • In case of a tie (like last year), we will make sure the winners are included even if it means two Pyrs share the "Pyr of the month" title.
  • All photos submitted were included in the calendar (although in smaller size).
  • This is a fun and exciting way to show you care as a Great Pyrenees owner.
  • It's not over until it is over…the battle for the top dogs was not over until the very last minute…thus the ties!

Grand prize (1)
Pyr with most votes gets the coveted Calendar cover

First prizes (11)
Photo featured on one month in the calendar

Consolation prizes (all others)
Smaller photo featured somewhere in calendar (location dependent on number of entries)

Guarantee Your Pyr's Photo in the Calendar
Reserve a day to honor your Great Pyrenees. For a $15 donation, your dog's photo will appear on the day of your choice (birthday, anniversary, adoption date). Just choose your favorite photo and then choose the day and pay! First come, first served! Once a date has been reserved, it will no longer be available. You can enter the same or a different photo for the date blocks, and you need not enter the contest if you just want your Pyr's picture on the calendar.

Please note that entering a picture with two animals will work for the contest, but because of the size of the date blocks, a single Pyr's picture will work best there. These date square pictures provide valuable extra support to the shelter.

Want to Pre-order Your Calendar?
Please consider pre-ordering a calendar. This will help us purchase the right amount of calendars so we don't waste valuable funds on extra stock.

Calendar Pre-order »


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Bailey Bug
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665 votes
465 votes
Simon and Willow
455 votes
370 votes
Becca and Samson
370 votes
305 votes
305 votes
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247 votes
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