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Succulent Bowl

Succulent Bowl

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Noelle Lane

Age Group (If you are a caregiver/family member please check Caregiver/Family Member)
Adult: 21 and over

Describe your art here - type of art, techniques and materials used, what your art represents and what it means to you.
Noelle Lane-Dot Mandala Artist

My art was born from a time and place of anxiety and grief but has now become a thing that brings me joy.

I work with acrylic paint that has been prepared to a specific consistency that allows for symmetrical dots. Some artists use paint brushes for this art form but I prefer to use special tools that allow for better consistency in size and shape of my dots.

During my exploration of this art form, my use of painting surfaces has expanded from river rocks, to canvases, to jewelry. I’m currently delving into the recycling and upcycling of items that can be redesigned through my painting. I find myself drawn to everyday items such as wooden bowls and boxes that seem to cry out for a makeover. “It’s not about what it is- It’s about what it can become!”-Dr. Suess.

Please include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis (patients & survivors only) and let us know how art has impacted your life.
Hi there! I'm Noelle & I'm 54 years young. I was diagnosed with a Meningioma in my Parietal Lobe in November of 2017. I had been experiencing strange symptoms for months before my diagnosis- which actually had nothing to do with my tumor. At the time of my diagnosis, I had just begun a career path- I had started a Dietetics Program- and this event along with other family related illnesses, threw my life into a tailspin. After leaving the program, a chance YouTube Video opened my eyes to a whole different path. So while I am on watch and wait, I am oddly grateful for the turn my life has taken because of my tumor.

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