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Waves of Patterns

Waves of Patterns

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Isaac Feil

Age Group (If you are a caregiver/family member please check Caregiver/Family Member)
Youth: 13 - 20 Years of age

Describe your art here - type of art, techniques and materials used, what your art represents and what it means to you.
The type of art that I have done for a while and what I would consider my main art form/type is drawing, in particular, patterns (and other things, but I do patterns and designs the most). I usually use permanent markers, but I also sometimes use a pencil to draw something before using a marker and have used colored pencils some and have painted occasionally.

In high school, I took photography 1 and 2, and I became interested in taking pictures and started taking them outside of class. I now have my own camera and enjoy taking pictures of flowers and plants, birds (and other animals, pets, and family.
Drawing has been an important part of my life since my brain tumor. I was a big athlete prior to the surgery, playing baseball, basketball, and soccer. After my operation, I couldn't play any contact sports because I had my tumor removed through my nose and didn't want my nose to be hit and damaged.
A month or 2 after my operation, I found out that I had a Deep-vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clot, meaning that I had to go on blood thinners which prevented me from participating in contact sports for longer. A lot of my friendships were formed through playing sports, so while I had very understanding friends who supported me a lot for many months after the operation, we eventually began to lose touch. The reason that I'm telling you all of this is that art was what I turned to when I was unable to play sports. At some point since then, I wrote a paper for school in which I talked about art being my crutch. It's true though - ART WAS MY CRUTCH during that especially difficult time. So even though I sometimes get out of the habit of drawing (and recently taking pictures), both drawing and taking photos (some - art was more important in my recovery though) have a special meaning and place in my heart.

Please include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis (patients & survivors only) and let us know how art has impacted your life.
I'm 19 years old. I had a craniopharyngioma removed in August of 2012 after looking into why I had been having headaches. I had my brain tumor removal at the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).

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