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George Washington Getting Ready to Cross the Potomac River

George Washington Getting Ready to Cross the Potomac River

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Jonas V. Bilenas

Age Group (If you are a caregiver/family member please check Caregiver/Family Member)
Adult: 21 and over

Artist Statement (include type of art, techniques & materials used, what it means to you)
The last time I did any advanced Origami was about 11 years ago. I was looking for some of my Origami books, even some of the Japanese books. However, we have so many book shelves and books in my house that it sometimes is hard to find a specific book. So my submission art choice is attached of some simple Origami art work. I think I will get back to the hobby of Origami. Very relaxing when you get into it.

Bio (include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis)
My age is up there. My tumor, Craniopharyngioma, was diagnosed back in 1963. I had 2 craniotomies; 1963 and 1964 followed by Cobalt-60 radiation. Full hypopituitarism after surgeries and radiation. I was in one of the first patients in clinical trails of growth hormone in 1969 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Doing quite well over the years.

Many of my original doctors have passed away over the years. My Neurosurgeon was Dr. Lester A. Mount who died in 1989. I just found a You-Tube interview of him in the 1980's. I thank him for saving my life:

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