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Pituitary Woman

Pituitary Woman

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Vaida Medina

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Adult: 21 and over

Drawing/Painting/Printmaking/Chalk Art

Artist Statement (include type of art, techniques & materials used, what it means to you)
This is hand drawn then added watercolor and ink. With a digital photo of one of my real Mri scans. I added it into the back and scanned and separated the piece aka the self portrait of myself to show the Symbolism of where the tumor is located and my emotions through this rollercoaster of doctor apts and stress it has taken from my day to day life. The self portrait was meant to be viewed as someone who is stressed and although I stay positive all the time it is something we all deal with going through this tumor journey of ours.

Bio (include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis)
My name is vaida medina I have been painting since I was 13. I have sold over 500 paintings internationally and done a number of art shows. Including one with rock legend mick rock. Something you can only dream of getting this huge or opportunity!! But I have been continuing to sell art and make new art. The painting I have chosen to submit is a self portrait. I have a pituitary tumor located at the base of my skull. It is now 4 Cms and I was diagnosed last March of 2022. After having symptoms of a mini stroke. I am 27. I have been going through this journey of non stop Mri/MRA scans and blood work, several different doctors. Endocrinologist, Nuerologist, radiologist, ophthalmologist etc. recently have been given a referral to see a nuero surgeon which is great news because this might mean I have the opportunity and blessing to finally get this tumor removed for good.
We shall see what happens in my journey.
The tumor affects my weight, my mood, and most importantly my mother gland which is literally the hormone gland and one of the most important pieces of us. My self portrait is how I feel most of the time. But we must realize we have to all go through this pain and these treatments and journeys with positivity and love and believe in our strength. Thanks And good luck to everyone. I am happy to have found something art and tumor related literally both are a big part of my life right now.

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