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An ABC Meal

An ABC Meal

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Grace Zhang

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“An ABC Meal” was created through a combination of ceramics, fiber, and bamboo. I typed the phrase “在美国出 生的中国人” (which translates to “Chinese person born in America”) on a word processor and experimented with different fonts until I found the Chinese calligraphy font that I liked best. This was then printed and attached to the bamboo steamer using glue. The different dumplings and buns are all sewn from cloth and stuffed with poly-fill filling, while the noodles are cut from cloth. The pie is made of glazed ceramic. After creating the base of the pie by placing a slab over a mold, I created the lattice by delicately arranging strips of clay cut from a large slab into a lattice. After arranging newspaper into the base of the pie, I carefully placed the lattice over the newspaper-filled pie so that it could dry on the hollow pie. This ceramic piece was then glazed and fired.

This artwork demonstrates the experiences that some Chinese-Americans face. By opening the lid of the steamer basket and revealing the two layers underneath, the definition of “在美国出 生的中国人” (“Chinese person born in America”) is revealed. In my experience as a Chinese-American, I was born in a Chinese family and grew up learning about Chinese culture and heritage. From speaking Chinese with my family to eating homemade Chinese foods, I spent much of my childhood surrounded by Chinese culture. My past is symbolized by the bottom layer of the steamer basket, which is filled with Chinese foods made from cloth. However, growing up in America, as I grew older, I began to assimilate more to American culture. As a Chinese-American woman, and I treasure my roots and family whom I come from, but also value the life I’ve had in America. Hence, the second layer of the bamboo steamer basket represents my aspired future. American values are demonstrated through the ceramic pie as a symbol of American culture, while Chinese culture is represented by the Chinese “long-life” noodles which surround the pie. This piece therefore demonstrates how I have come to treasure both of these cultures and that I hope to integrate both Asian and American values into my future.

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My name is Grace and I am a 22 year old craniopharyngioma survivor.

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