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Hope in Grief

Hope in Grief

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Sarah Hogan

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This is an acrylic painting entitled 'Hope in Grief'. The gray broken hearts represent the pain, loss and anger when faced with grief. The red 'whole' heart represents the hope that exists in the midst of our suffering. Belonging to part of the Brain Tumour Community you find out a whole new family of people living with similar struggles. It's a club none of us ask for but there's comfort in it. Meeting friends and caregivers along this journey has meant a lot of losses for me personally. Five of my losses were within our local brain tumour support group. I hope this painting helps others realize 'It's Okay to Not be Okay.' Just reach out and you'll find an outstretched hand.

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My name is Sarah Hogan and I'm 51 years old. I'm a survivor living with a brain tumour for over 25yrs. I'm a self taught artist and love creating. Art is a positive outlet for me, especially since I'm on disability. It's a wonderful hobby to enjoy. In the summer I keep busy with sprint kayaking. I truly believe movement is medicine. The painting I've chosen to submit is about my (fairly) recent journey through grief and loss.

I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma over 25years ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long! I consider myself lucky because I'm still on watch and wait approach. I get an MRI every 6months-12months depending if the tumour has grown or not. I had already lost my hearing on the AN side so I opted to not have surgery or radiation. I was considered too young for radiation at my diagnosis so I decided to wait.

I have tinittus in both ears, chronic headaches/migranes and dizzy spells. Life is difficult with being HOH (Hard of Hearing) and presents challenges in itself. I've gotten used it and cope fairly well. Most people would never guess I'm HOH but then again I get used to answers like 'Sure and Okay and nodding even if I don't hear!

I went to a Brain Tumour Walk Fundraiser in 2018 and met so many amazing survivors where I realized I wasn't alone. I learned about our local Brain Tumour Support Group and signed up. I met so many amazing and loving friends. People who truly understood made a huge difference. The difficult part is that our group lost 5 members in under 4years. That wasn't including 3 other friends of mine who recently passed away. That's how my painting came to be.

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