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Cory Piper

Cory Piper

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Let me take you back, way back, back into time. Cory Piper was born on or around September 11, 2001. She came into my life and heart a few shorts weeks later. A stray cat had had a litter of beautiful kittens in a friend’s backyard and I desperately wanted one. When the day came and I was to make my decision of which little love to make my very own, I asked the friend’s mother about them, and she immediately told me about a single one that had refused to nurse and how she had bottle fed it back to health. That was all I needed to hear, because, as for me, at all of 18 years old, I was anorexic. I knew this was a sign and I needed this particular kitten in my life. Cory Piper became my world. You see, at that tender age of 18, my anorexia developed from being in an incredibly abusive relationship. I could not control all the different types of abuse that were being hurtled upon me day after day, however, I could control, what I ate or rather that I did not eat. Cory Piper showed me the unconditional love I so desperately longed for, even when I was at my absolute worst, at that utter pit of despair when all you want is a way out, the quicker the better, but I would look at that sweet little face that would lick the tears from my eyes and know if I couldn’t go on for myself, that I would go on for her. With her love buoying me, I was finally able to control and defeat the daily battle of an eating disorder, only to later take up yet another unhealthy habit to deal with my sadness, disappointments and pain. I became a cutter. One day, I finally hit rock bottom again, but when I looked into Cory Piper’s loving face, I found the strength to say, “I will not leave you. I will stop cutting.”. And I did so solely for her. Cory Piper was always there, always loving, always accepting and I wholeheartedly credit her with saving my earthly life.

On Good Friday of this year, 2018, the day we remember the Lord’s sacrifice for us, I found out that my Cory Piper has inoperable cancer in her bladder. At 16.5 years old, it wasn’t enough for Cory Piper to have been born FIV+ and then to develop severe arthritis, hyperthyroid disease, and kidney failure; she had one more surprise for me. As Cory Piper lifted me up from the pits of my hopelessness, I plan to carry her through her diseases. Her strength is now my strength. I believe she has more to teach me in whatever time she has left. Right now, I’m learning to be present in the moment with her. If all I am is sad, anxious and depressed, then I am going to miss out on the love we get share while she is still here.

As you can see, Cory Piper’s story is also mine, intermingled with her love for me becoming my own love for myself.

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