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Fiona (Princess Fiona)

Fiona (Princess Fiona)

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Our Boxer/Great Dane rescue, Torin, had passed away. Torin was a great dog and we new that it would take a special dog to fill his paw prints. Along came Fiona, 12 weeks old, cute as a button and as with all puppies not house trained. It rained for 4 days straight when we brought her home, torrential rains, wash a puppy away rains, but we trudged on to success.
Fiona is smart. It wasn't long before she figured out that cold air comes out of those grated holes in the floor and you can lay on them chillin' the afternoon away. She takes her tennis ball into the kitchen to play, because the cabinets keep it contained and its easier to catch...or she might just be lazy, not sure. Fiona's best trick hands down is her need to be announced every morning. We sleep in the loft of our home. Every morning Fiona comes down the steps half way and stops staring down at us with that "well, I'm waiting" look on her face. One morning my husband decided to announce her like royalty, you know the "Do-do-do-do Announcing Princess Fiona" and wouldn't you know she came trotting down the steps! We thought for sure it was a fluke until it happened the next day and the next and continues to this day!
Fiona is a lover. She leans against you to be petted, is super soft (maybe that's a little extra weight, but hey we all have our struggles. ...don't we?) , cuddly, gives great ear kisses and just knows everyone wants to pet her!
Fiona is protective. She's part hound and let me tell you she can howl with the best of them when she gets riled up. She sits in the planter on the deck (we don't have nice flowers anymore) and stands guard over the property, barking at anything that is wrong to her. Evidently, we have a lot of wrong going on at our house :)
Fiona is the perfect dog for us. She brings joy to us every day with all her quirky ways.
Being a rescue is just the whip cream and cherry on the top of having a companion that has accepted us as her humans!

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