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Beauty and the Bee-st

Beauty and the Bee-st

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Photographer Name
Izabelle Stevens

Date/Year of Photo
June 1st, 2018

Location of Photo: (BC photos only)

Description of Photo
The beautiful bee, doing its simple job that greatly affects the world.
The bees are a disappearing species, and are dying rapidly. You may wonder why the bees are so important and to answer that, without the bee, our world would suffer. Without the bees pollination, the amount of food we would have would drastically decrease and scientists have said that mankind would have only four years left if the bee disappeared. Yet neonicotinoids, one of the large contributors to the rapid death of bees, is not completely banned in Canada. I hope that through winning this contest, information about how we can help the bees will be spread, and people will spring to action to help our little friends, the bees, before it is too late.

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