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Mocha was left in a box, along with her littermates, outside my door. When I removed the cover on the box, to see what was in it, all the kittens jumped out and headed for the mountains. Or so to speak. I spent the day looking for them but with no luck. The next morning there was a kitten sitting on the bench outside my front door. As the saying goes the cat chose me, I didn't choose the cat! Several years later I heard that several people in that area found kittens hiding in their yards and took them in. I was thinking about getting a cat for company but never expected a gift from heaven. Well Mocha was welcomed into my life and has been an absolute joy. I named her Mocha as in Mocha coffee. She has a dark brown head with what looks like a spot where milk was poured into the coffee. Of course the kitten stage was very trying. She had to learn not to bite and how to sleep in my lap while I worked at the computer. Since I was lucky enough to have her at work with me, she would walk around the building with me. Often riding on top of a dolly full of supplies. Mocha is now 10 years old and no longer comes to work with me. I'm retired now and so is Mocha. She spends most of her time outdoors guarding the neighbours old pick up truck. I call her the Wal-Mart greeter because she walks with anyone who walks up or down our street. The children love her and will even come into my garage to pet her. She responds with bumping them with her head and licking them on the face. I've been in the grocery store line up and have had people shout out to me about what a nice cat I have and then have had the remark seconded by another person. Mocha was stolen from my place once. I was lucky that she was so well known and so was able to get her back but not for a few years. The person who took her had to leave town quick and so left Mocha with a friend, a teen age boy. The friend's parents were going through a nasty separation that reflected badly on their son. The son had bonded to Mocha. When I went to bring Mocha back home I realized that the boy needed her now more than I did. We came to an agreement that I would look after her medical expenses but that he could have her until he moved away. When he left our small village, to find work elsewhere, he gave her back to me. I'm not a cat person but it didn't take long for Mocha to win me over. I have 3 dogs ranging from 4 pounds up to 120 pounds. Mocha puts the fear in them with just a growl. She does this while curled up in a ball trying to sleep. She doesn't move a hair, a body part or open her eyes and she has the hounds shivering. She has never lashed out or ran. She has amazing patience for the dogs. Especially considering one of the dogs is a Jack Russell Terrier. Mocha was about 6 weeks old when she was given to me. I hope she outlives my previous cat, a Siamese cross from the SPCA, that we had for 24 years.

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