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Hi my name is Chevy. My mom named me after her late fathers favourite brand of vehicle. I am an 18 year old Maine coon cat. My mom rescued me back in 2002 when I was only 3 months old, and she was 19 just moving out on her own. I really love my mom. She is my absolute world. My favourite past times are to stare at mom, watch mom move from room to room, follow mom from room to room, watch mom shower, watch mom eat, beg for mom’s food, and to walk through moms hair while she is blow drying it , then do somersaults on the floor after I do that. Oh and I really love finding new places to lounge. I’m adding to my collection. I have about over 100 places now that I rotate between. Sometimes my mom can never find me cause I have so many spots. Especially when I am discovering new one’s is when she can’t really find me. It’s kind of a game we have. One between me, and my mom. I should also mention that I have three dog siblings. I have a much bigger Mastiff sister who wants nothing more than to suffocate me with her love. She is just obsessed with me which I don’t mind too much, but I don’t want her knowing that. Then I have a younger brother who looks like, and thinks he’s a body builder. He is a Boston Terrier named Louie. He just makes weird noises all day, and always has a rope, or a toy in his mouth to help with his anxiety, and help calm him down. Then my youngest sibling is Buffy. She is a Pomeranian, Schnauzer mix. Although she acts, walks, and thinks that she is a princess. She is always in my face, sniffing me, chasing me, and barking at me to play. I just let her do her thing, and always ignore her by gracefully walking away. I also have a new dad that came into my life just over 3 years ago. He does everything, and anything for me. I have him whipped around my paw. I just sit on the counter, and stare at him so that he knows that I’m hungry, and that I want my chicken right now. It works every time. Our favourite game is called inside/outside. He let’s me outside the house when I cry at the door. Then he let’s me back inside the house when I’m crying at the door to come back inside. Then we repeat that about another 50 times per day. It’s the best. I always win. Overall I have no complaints with my life. I definitely would say that I am in charge of my household. I like to think of myself as the king of this castle. I am pretty certain everyone else knows it too. My mom has always been telling me that I should be a model, because I’m so handsome. So hopefully i’ll be able to win this contest, and it will get to be my first modeling gig. Could you imagine after all these years at the age of 18 I become a cat model. Wow that would be pretty cool. Fingers crossed. I know it would make her a lot happier than it would make me. Alright well it looks I should get back to some more relaxing. This king needs some more chicken. Toodles. With love,

Chevy 🐾

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