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Parker is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and was born March 22, 2020.

Parker chose his 'human dad' on May 9th, 2020 and 'dad has been blessed ever since' or so he keeps telling everyone.

My daddy was finishing his third year as a 'Cultural Exchange Teacher and soon would be relocating back to his home Vancouver on the west coast, beautiful, but very wet compared to my birthplace in the south.

It was a long journey at only five months and during a 'Pandemic' when my daddy and I left Raleigh, North Carolina that 4th of July, 2020.

It was my daddy, myself, driving some strange truck (unfamiliar) to myself, towing a trailer with a familiar Mazda 3,, I had become very acquainted with.

See since a young pup, my daddy introduced me to 'road trips' from the start, now looking back, probably preparing me for the ultimate road-trip. It was over 8500 kilometres, around nine days, lots of different stops throughout the day, and a new place to call home each night to relax, play, and sleep.

Let me stop here, and tell you about me, I'm Parker a young Brindle Boston Terrier and weigh twenty-one pounds. I love to play, play, and play. But honestly, I just want to be with my daddy all the time.

Daddy jokes with his friends that he hasn't gone to the bathroom alone ever since. I can confirm that, some say I may be too clingy or attached, but I just say loved.

Back to the story, you see when I first arrived at my forever home, I was only eight weeks and weighed just under two pounds. Sorry my birthplace still uses the old system, I think just under five pounds in Canada.

So this great adventure was awesome, but each night I knew my daddy was a bit stressed, as you see.. I don't sleep in a dog bed all alone, since I could, I always sleep with daddy.

But being so young, and still in training, I could tell that some nights at the hotels, he may have been stressed a bit. Guess he was worried that I may have an accident in a bed, that wasn't his, and expensive if it did happen.

But as a big guy now, at five months, I had good training, and hadn't made accidents in my own home, so I told myself, not this night.

You know want, as each day passed and new hotel was behind us, no accidents for either of us. So by now, you know I am officially 'Road Trip Champion.!

So July 12th, 2020 I officially became a Canadian citizen who still values his American birthplace. We face-time with our friends and family back in North Carolina , so transitioning to life in the North hasn't been too bad.

We're still road tripping whenever we can and have most of western Canada conquered, but the best was seeing Pacific North West from Washington state down to California. I almost made it to Mexico! But then daddy realized his car insurance would be invalid there, so for now our adventures are my home Canada and my second home United States of America.

So left the best for last, I love to play with my toys (go crazy) for balls and anything that squeaks really!

Daddy says he wishes 'Boston Terriers' could go to medical school. I can remove any squeaker from their toy. All with minimal injury to the toy (look closely) though.

At times, it looks as if it was magic! So you know I love to play, sleep, sometimes snore....but really I love being with my daddy whenever I can, but don't fret!

I have more than enough love to share, when out, I'm like the town mayor up for re-election.

I love my humans, all other humans, all other animals period.....

I don't bark unnecessary, and only do for two reasons to protect my 'human daddy' and if that 'human daddy' has taken my toys.

Unfortunately, I am flawed just like each of us, my flaw is that I don't always like sharing my toys. But for you, I'll try hard, I promise.

So on that note, I'm Parker and it would be awesome if you could 'vote for me' and even better, if you could vote, have friends and family vote for me.

So that my daddy who in my world is already the best.

Then he will see what he already feels each day, Parker loves daddy unconditionally!

Did I mention he's a school teacher
with four years in the Armed Forces.

So let's see, I'm adorable and hopefully calendar worthy if you agree, my daddy is a current teacher and veteran.

So four words if I could speak, 'Vote for me now!' Love Parker

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