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Charl and Cleo

Charl and Cleo

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Charl, taken from Charlemagne, and Cleo, from Cleopatra, were adopted from the Victoria SPCA at 3 months old, have been with me since, and will be 19 years young in September! These sister felines arrived at the shelter a few hours before we did, having decided we were ready to look at adoptable cats after the sad loss of our previous girl. The timing was just right, and they won us over. Charl, the grey and white, was vocal and sticking a paw out for attention, while Cleo, the black and white, was shy and quiet. As kittens, they slept together all the time, played, climbed about, and ran everywhere. Over time they started staking their own spots, and they still have their own spaces, but will sometimes lie close together on the couch. Charl spends the nights in bed, mostly right on me, while Cleo stays on the couch or a cat bed. And despite knowing better, I have given in to Charl's relentless pursuit of food at all hours, often more than once, to keep her settled or she is all paws in my face and undeterred. Cleo can be a little feisty sometimes with her sister, over space or catnip, ha, and also more sensitive to our absence.
Although they are older and Cleo can't jump as high, Charl is sometimes a little wobbly and wanders around yowling, they both tend to sleep more, and don't hear as well, they can still rip around, play, and get into mischief. Charl will dash around, leap up on the window ledge, jump across furniture, skid across the floor around corners, jump and ricochet off the corner of the bed, and run again. Cleo is not quite as energetic, but loves to play with interactive toys, reach out and touch your arm to get a pat, and give lots of head butts. And they both go nuts for catnip! They are both a bit nutty, but really who isn't in their own ways? Their antics are hilarious and entertaining, and their less than charming accidents are just part and parcel of having animals and they have made our lives richer.
They have both had health complications, the most frequent for both being bladder/UTI issues, Cleo has been treated for hyperthyroidism, and Charl for inflammatory bowel disease, both had dental surgery, and then other less major issues. They have bounced back and regained health overall. But an increase in age has brought an increase in vet visits and bills, and I am fortunate to be in a position to look after them that way, as are many of us. But for the animals that end up in the care of an animal welfare organization like the SPCA, for whatever reason, they need the help and support generated by fundraisers like this contest. The generous support of the public allows them to do their work for the animals. So will you please help me to raise funds for them so that they can help other animals to find forever homes like mine did? And to allow these crazy 18 year olds to have a place on the 2018 calendar :)
Thank you so much, appreciate your consideration and support!


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