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After several days of digging up a new garden I discovered I had a spectator. She was the tiniest little thing compared to my cats and extremely shy yet every moment I was outdoors she was there watching from a safe distance, always darting away if I got too close. After a few days I went outside one evening and found her laying on a patio chair like she was home and she looked so darling there that I decided it was time to meet properly and put her shyness aside. She too was ready to make my acquaintance and I immediately noticed at rubbed her smooth shiny fur that she was skin and bones so I shouted for my husband to bring cat food asap and when he brought her a bowl of canned food she was so grateful, she would take a nibble then dart over to rub against his leg and the back to the food and so on. We never discovered where she came from but we are so glad that she found us. Like anyone who has been abandoned and not always received the best treatment she needed guidance and patience. Its been almost a year since "Prissy" first found us and she didn't grow much larger but she is the most delightful little kittycat to have around - playful, affectionate and full of surprises. Thinking she was just a kitten, we were surprised a few short weeks after she came to find out Prissy was having kittens of her own. Prissy had beautiful kittens and we ended up keeping one of her babies and adopted the others out before getting her spayed. Now she is back to acting like a kitten herself. We consider it a blessing that Prissy chose us to approach and ask for help when she was on her own searching for a family.

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