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We plucked Booger from an SPCA shelter 13 years ago. He was all fluff and googly eyes, staring at us from the back of his cage behind a mound of sibling kittens. We named him Booger. Obviously.
Booger and I were inseparable and although he was intended to be the family cat, he soon became "my" cat. He went everywhere with me: we harnessed him and took him boating, he "helped" paint my new room when we moved, he velcro-ed himself to my butt (and peed on me) when it was time to visit the vet. He had many quirks. He loved to snack on mangoes and pickles and even raw pumpkin, he had an intense love affair with his brush, he ritualistically cleaned his toes in his water bowl, and I'm sure I saw him checking himself out in the mirror a few times when he wore his sparkly sequined vest harness for trips out into the backyard. As if nothing was out of the ordinary our neighbors would compliment me on how lovely he looked and I'm thankful that gender stereotypes aren't as dominant in the animal world or I'm sure he would have been bullied for being the prettiest boy cat around. His immaculate tuxedo meant he was ready for any formal party (or wedding, which was convenient since my family always joked that I would never find a husband and just end up marrying my cat). My brother recently asked me what I would do when Booger eventually died. I laughed, and said I had no idea.
Unfortunately, I had to face that question much sooner than I anticipated. One year ago (to this day...April 15th), my best furry friend died from cancer. He had a large tumour that prevented him from breathing properly and his chest cavity had filled with fluid. Everything happened so fast, and only animal lovers can understand the anguish that goes along with losing a pet. For all practical purposes, he was like my child.
I never would have found him and loved him without organizations like the SPCA who rescue and advocate for so many homeless and abused animals. I always joked that Booger was so pretty he could be a runway model, but I think he would have settled as a calendar model too.
Please vote for Booger, not just because he is ridiculously good-looking in photos (because he is), but also to support the SPCA in their mission to help suffering animals who will one day become someone's best (furry) friend.

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