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Martig’s Monster Pike

Martig’s Monster Pike

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Entrant's Name
Gregg Martig

Hackensack, MN

Lake caught on
The Johnson Lake Goat Bone Marsh

Fish Description
40”+ Northern Pike

Is there a fun story behind this catch?
After an afternoon of reading the Wall Street Journal and writing his acceptance speech for his teacher of the year award, Mr. Martig decided to catch the night bite at his favorite secret fishing hole. After all, Mr. Martig’s Farmers’ Almanac and his Cidiot’s Guide to Fishing, gave all the indications that this evening could be very special. Outfitted with his favorite pair of cut-off black jeans, his lucky flannel shirt, and his trusty camo hat, Mr. Martig scurried off to his favorite spot faster than Mrs. Smith runs to her car after 5th Block on a Friday! Embarking on a journey that would intimidate most urban dwellers. Mr. Martig trudged through deer tick infested woods, with thorns as sharp as Mrs Smith’s temper. Finally, Mr. Martig arrived at his honey hole and prepped his arsenal. Armed with a Zebco .38, spooled with the cheapest monofilament line found at the Sartell K-Mart, and a Banjo Minnow, Mr. Martig worked his pond with casts that would put Bill Dance to shame. After two hours of vigorous casting and fighting off two angry Beavers who tried to steal his sandwich, Mr. Martig hooked the big one. Using all his muscles that he had developed from his 62 years of teaching and coaching, Mr. Martig bested this beautiful beast. After the photo, this fish was released to be caught another day. As everyone in Hackensack knows, Mr. Martig only enjoys a delicious Bass as table fare.

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