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Warren & Schroedinger

Warren & Schroedinger

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What's your purrmance story with your cat?
Schroedie is a typical Siamese; he's got a lot to say and he's not afraid to speak his mind. He would never be accused of being a quiet cat. Conversations can get quite loud when he's not getting his point across (usually about wanting more food). He also always requires to be in the same room as me at all times, preferably on my lap or hanging out on my shoulder. It's of no consequence to him if my hands are required for other tasks. He will happily sit on my lap, or on his shoulder perch, and supervise what's going on. He's a very clever kitty and was fully toilet trained in just a few months of training, without ever having an accident along the way. He's a constant companion on long car rides, always willing to engage in conversation to pass the time, if I could just figure out how to train him to operate the GPS...

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