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Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins

Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins

Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins

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Photo Subject and/or Photo Location
Reclaimed pickup in an abandoned garage in Belgium

Technical Specs
Canon 5D Mark III + Canon 14mn f/2.8 L II USM

A little about this image...
The ecological consciousness that moves me since my youngest age, has little by little focused my interest on abandoned places reclaimed by Nature. She is stronger, and whatever happens to Man, She will always be there.
Moreover, Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins asks a fundamental question: that of the place of Man on Earth and his relationship with Nature. Far from being pessimistic, and at a time when Man’s domination of Nature has never been so extreme, it aims to wake our consciousness.
Man builds, Man abandons. Every time for his own peculiar reasons. Nature does not care about those reasons. But one thing is certain, when Man leaves, She comes back and takes back everything.
Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins also tells the story of the progression of Nature. It starts with the reclaiming of outside objects as it is the case here. Then comes the turn of building’s outsides before her infiltration inside abandoned places and the moment where She grows inside them, until their collapse. Burial comes next along with the disappearance of all traces of Man.
French poet Léo Ferré said “With Time goes, everything goes”. So, when Nature and Time will have taken back what Man abandons, what will be left of our civilization?
We should think more. Nature will simply erase us if we don’t respect her.

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