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Sammie ft. Skwisgaar & Toki

Sammie ft. Skwisgaar & Toki

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What's your purrmance story with your cat?
A few summers ago there was a very bad storm, and the day after the storm my boyfriend and I went for a scenic drive (after being stuck inside for the 2 day storm). We ended up on a road blocked by a fallen tree branch and had to move it. That is when we found a dead cat, under the branch. My bf made me move to the side of the road and the moment he touched the cat I heard soft mews coming from behind me. I looked down and saw this tiny black kitten. I crouched down and he climbed into my hand (he fit in my palm). I was about to turn around to show my bf when I heard a much louder cry and looked down to see a slightly bigger tuxedo kitten. It took a min or two before he trusted us enough to let my bf hold him. We fell in love instantly.
The smaller black cat (Toki) has loved us since the moment we found him, the bigger tuxedo cat (Skwisgaar) took a few months to fully warm up to us but now he is just as affectionate. We have overcome a lot of issues (caused from losing their mama so young, but I think they are happy now.
They give high fives and kisses if you ask, and they love to play in water (esp the shower). These boys keep me going.

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