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Sugar Rae & Possum

Sugar Rae & Possum

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A little about me...
Sugar Rae & Possum - adopted siblings of Motly Blu, another calendar contestant!
We thought it would be nice to tell their story with hers.

Faced with feeding two tiny babies every 2 hours I crossed my fingers and put the kittens in with Zuma, a feral mother who had given birth two weeks earlier to five kittens. One was Motly Blu. Without hesitation Zuma accepted the new babies, licking them vigorously and nursing them along with her own.
We gave her plenty of good food to sustain her while feeding seven kittens!

Motly Blu took on the role of big sister and protector. They were inseparable, sleeping so tightly snuggled together it was impossible to tell one from another. They need to be separate from Motly Blu now because they are much stronger than she is, but they have play times and can see each other through glass doors.

Sugar Rae thinks he part puppy, greeting you at the door and trotting along beside you. Possum loves her big brother and follows him around constantly. If she can’t see him, she’s looking for him. They sleep intertwined, just like they were when they were found under the car. They are smart, mischievous, and into everything… Sweet and affectionately and endlessly entertaining!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MARIN HUMANE!! For finding homes for Zuma’s other 4 kittens.

I'm from...
Stockton-Sugar Rae & Possum-found in the gutter under a car. They spent their first night in a pet emergency, weighing only a few ounces each, dehydrated, covered in fleas, with eye infections that kept one of Sugar Rae’s eyes from opening when it should have. It’s beautiful blue color permanently darker from his other eye.

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