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I am a Therapy Animal

Tell us a story about how pet therapy touched your life.
Pet Therapy puts a smile on my face.

I decided that ELVIS and I would be a pet therapy team long ago. It’s not hard to walk down the hallway meeting with patients of all ages, families of all ages, and people that just need a little smile in their day. It doesn’t matter what or where we go; whether it’s a hospital setting memory care setting a court or a reception area you can see that people need more comfort in their lives. ELVIS makes a special connection with people when he looks at you the patient, the person, the child, the elderly person directly in their eyes. He is all in 100% all the time. That connection relieves so much stress and anxiety in that person at that moment. It relieves so much stress and anxiety when I’m feeling terrible as well. He relaxes and relieves peoples tension if it’s even just for that moment in time. Pet therapy has allowed me to live in that moment, in that time, be present in that moment in time. To live in the present and not worry about what I did before I got here or what I have to do after I leave here. That improves the quality of my life, my dogs life and the people we touch. ❤️

Give us an example of a special interaction between your therapy animal and the person they were visiting.
From Elvis and I ❤️

We have lot of stories and a lot to say so happy that we can brighten up someone’s day with a small moment in time.. creating smiles on our faces when we create smiles on your faces.

Hi I’m ELVIS! I’ve been a therapy dog with my mom Hanaa since last October! I love my job.. walking down the hallway we can hear patients, doctors, nurses, staff, families and children hustle behind us wanting to love on me and then I get to love on them too! I get smiles all day long from doctors, nurses, other volunteers, families, and little kids. It doesn’t matter what age you are I love to play with you! I love to hear you say thank you for making my day! I love to hear you say thank you for letting me cry a little bit while I hug you! I love it when you say thank you for taking my stress away! I love it when you say you don’t know how much your hugs and cuddles meant to my family and I today!

I know I have a wonderful job because I can help you feel better when you miss your dog or your cat or your lizard or your other pet family at home that you haven’t seen in a while.

So know that I’ll always be walking these halls with my mom to help you feel better and to make you feel loved because you do the same for my mom and I..and that’s all that we want today.

Love, and kisses allowed 😄

Elvis and my mom (Hanaa)

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