Voting Ends 7/16/2021 at 10:00:00 PM Central Time


To Enter:
You must submit a photo of your Pet and include:

  • Name of Pet
  • Your First Name
  • Your City and State
  • A paragraph that tells voters something about the pet in the photo. (100 word limit)
All photos must be uploaded. Sorry, we cannot accept hard copies.

Eligible Photographs:
Important: Digital photos only. Photos must be in color, clear, of good quality and high resolution, and able to be printed at a size of 8.5" x 11" without significant loss of quality. If your submission is low resolution or poor quality, you will be asked for a better quality image if your photo is one of the top 13.

  • Photo entries should only be cocker spaniels
  • Only one entry per pet.
  • Group Photos, Example: if you have multiple dogs, you can enter a group photo of all of them together. But you cannot enter each of their photos separately.
  • Photo entries must contain only pets, no humans
  • Any image that includes content that is deemed inappropriate, indecent, or obscene, as determined by Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas, or otherwise does not adhere to the rules will be removed from the Calendar Contest.
  • Photographs may not be edited or altered (other than minor color, contrast, or sharpness adjustments)
  • Photographs must not be from a professional studio or copyrighted
  • If you submit a photo to the contest, you can email links to your family and friends to encourage voting for your photo. - On your pet's public page, there is a "share" button that allows you to share your entry through Facebook and other social networking sites. Ask all of your friends and family to vote for your favorite photo and Share! Share! Share!

NOTE: Entries who do not place in the top 13 will still have at their photo included in the calendar.
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