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Brewster McCloud

Brewster McCloud

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Darleen Walter

Please include a short paragraph that tells voters something fun or interesting about the cat(s) and other animals in the photo. Which cat is diabetic? Is one or more a DCIN rescue? How long have the animals been a part of your family? Give some interesting information about the animal(s) in the photo that will encourage others to vote for your photo.
I rescued my beautiful boy, Brewster McCloud, from our local shelter after he was there under quarrantine for 10 days. He was a stray cat in our neighborhood and just wanted someone to love him and take him into their home. The little girl nextdoor kicked him because he was trying to get into her house, and her parents wanted to have him put down because they didn't know if he had rabies and were concerned for their child. My mom convinced them to take him to the shelter and be put in quarrantine for 10 days to be sure he was healthy. I went to the shelter every day to brush him and play with him until his stay at "the pokey" was up....and as soon as he was able to be adopted i did, and he has been my best friend and companion for13 years now!

Brewster is a cuddle bug, loves to head bump me and give kisses every morning. He has had health problems over the years and was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and a tumor that is pressing against his heart. When i recently got his diagnosis of diabetes, i was beside myself, because i had a Siamese cat that had diabetes for 5 years, and although Tucker was a tough cat and didn't mind the shots, i was afraid to give Brewster shots because he is such a timid, sweet boy,. But, with the help and advice that i've had from Venita and everyone on DCIN and the FDB Message board, i have been giving Brewster his insulin shots and have had no problems and my nervousness has been eased.

I love my sweetie, Brewster McCloud so much! He is my best friend, companion and i don't know what i'd do without him.. This is one of his Chrismas card photos, that i take every year,...I think he is just the most beautiful boy in the world, and i love him so much!

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