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Sarjenka (FKA Sandy)

Sarjenka (FKA Sandy)

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Sarjenka (FKA Sandy) was my second DCIN foster that I adopted 10 months after adopting Bear. I named her Sarjenka after a character in one episode of Star Trek Next Generation whose planet is about to be destroyed, but the Enterprise saves it. Sarjenka was in two DCIN foster homes for 2 years and 4 months and never needed insulin. She lived with a cat that terrorized her and I was also concerned this would affect her with Bear. It was a long haul but she finally tolerated him, after much screaming. I was also a bit worried about her being scared when she arrived because of her behavior in her foster home, but she was a purring, adorable girl almost immediately, and was so loving. She really wanted me to be a shut in, and never go out. She would have been so happy if I would just stay in bed with her.

As soon as she came out of the carrier that first day, I knew she was older than she was supposed to be. She could have been 14 plus. She had some spinal arthritis/spondylosis, and some early renal issues, but had a very good dental with no extractions! Sarjenka played up a storm despite her arthritis-you would never know she has it when she played because she would flop all over chasing her red ladybug fuzzy toy. Sarjenka was an absolute cuddlebug! She would give me facials with her tongue all the time, sometimes sitting on top of me.

Because she was older, I didn’t have as much time with her as I thought. I had to say goodbye after only a year and 5 months. Please vote for Sarjenka (FKA Sandy) in her memory.

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