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Ying (tabby-tortie. DFL name: Eve) / Yang (brown tabby. DFL name: Henry)

Ying (tabby-tortie. DFL name: Eve) / Yang (brown tabby. DFL name: Henry)

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Your Pet's Quirks
Purrminator Ying leads us around the home. Yang loves to groom Ying and is a spider&moth Terminator.

Your Pet's Bio/Story
Adopted together in 2018 as bonded kittens, Ying/Yang are complementary opposites. YANG: sweet, mellow, Zen-like, muscular, hearty eater, walks like panthers. He likes affection on his own terms, purrs softly, requests petting by ramming his face into my palm, is a cuddly movie-night lap-cat. YING: high-spirited, super-affectionate, stubborn, mischievous, boisterous, playful, chatty, picky eater, has a cheerful bouncy gait. She craves playtime, affection, 1-to-3-hour belly rubs. She loudly drool-purrs more frequently than other cats I've heard. I named her "Ying", Chinese for "shadow" and in memory of friend Sophia Yin, because this FOMOphobic diva always wants to walk one step directly ahead of me, then flops onto her back for belly rubs. Ying/Yang have never hissed or growled. They enjoy miller moth seasons and Live-Theatre-Cat-TV, quietly watching birds, insects, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, garter snakes. I built 11 window-height four-poster cat beds with 8-inch-thick memory foam and bolster pillows.

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