Frequently Asked Questions
Before you sign up
How do GoGo Photo Contest fundraisers work?
GoGo Photo Contest allows your constituents to support your organization in a fun and competitive way. Our team builds a customized photo contest site for your organization. When your contest begins, your constituents will create entries and invite their friends and family to support their entry in the contest. Entrants and their friends can donate to place votes on their entry for $1.00 per vote. When the contest ends, the entries with the most votes wins the contest. Find out more here »
How does the donate-to-vote aspect work?
All votes in GoGo Photo Contest fundraisers are purchased by contest participants and their friends. Participants purchase votes for $1.00 (equaling 1 vote), which are then placed in their vote bank. Participants can then take the votes in their vote bank and apply them to specific contest entries.
How much can I raise using a GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser?
The amount that you can raise is dependent upon the size and commitment of your constituency. Smaller animal welfare organizations can raise several thousand dollars through their fundraiser and larger organizations have raised tens of thousands of dollars through our software.
What other benefits come from running a GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser?
Running a GoGo Photo Contest is a great way to increase the visibility of your organization and develop your constituent list. At the end of each contest, you'll receive a full data export of participant data, including names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and how much they donated.
Who can run a GoGo Photo Contest?
Any company or non-profit organization interested in running a donate-to-vote photo contest can run a GoGo Photo Contest.
Is GoGo Photo Contest just for humane societies and animal shelters?
No. While many of our clients are animal welfare organizations, GoGo Photo Contest accepts clients that want to run donate-to-vote photo contests in a wide variety of verticals. Check out a couple of examples:
I'm not in the United States or Canada. Can I still run a GoGo Photo Contest?
YES! There are two factors to running a GoGo Photo Contest outside of the United States or Canada:

One: You have a bank account* in a country that Stripe (our payment processor) supports:

Two: Your currency is listed among the currencies that Stripe currently accepts:

*We've worked with several organizations that have used bank accounts that were established outside their countries, if Stripe didn't currently support their specific country.
Do I need to pay anything up-front to run a GoGo Photo Contest?
We require nothing up front, and there are no minimum fees or hidden fees.
How much does it cost to run a GoGo Photo Contest Fundraiser?
We offer a simple and straight-forward pricing structure. We do not charge a setup fee or any other up-front fees. You will pay a 5% transaction fee on all contest donations after $5,000 has been raised. You will pay a 15% transaction fee on all contest donations until $5,000 has been raised. Please note that the payment processor will charge you a payment processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ a flat 2.75% on all credit card transactions. There is no minimum transaction fee and there are no other hidden fees. To help you determine how much you will raise after all fees, check out our Pricing Calculator.
How do I start?
If you're interested in running a GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser for your organization, visit our sign-up page and we'll get in touch with you about setting up your contest.
Is this only for photo contests?

Nope! The key is to have items that people want to donate and vote for, be it singers, artwork, or even teams. We love organizations that think outside of the box. Here are a few examples:

Setting up your contest
What information do I need to setup my contest?
In order to setup your contest, you will need to set up an account with our payment processor. We'll also need your contact information, your organization's logo and your contest rules and dates. After you sign-up, we'll be in touch with the complete list of items.
How are donations processed?
All contest payments will be processed by our payment processer ( through a secure (SSL, PCI-Compliant) connection. Users can donate using all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club) and Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Our payment processor can accept credit card payments world-wide. You will pay a standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ a flat 2.75% per transaction.
What are appropriate prizes for winners?

Many animal welfare groups produce calendars along with their contests and place the winning entries on the monthly pages within the calendar. Other organizations offer donated gift baskets and services (such as professional portrait sessions) as prizes.

A more recent and popular option has been wine labels, where the winning photo(s) appear on the bottles of wine. This works especially well with any wine tasting events or galas that your organization might have.

The more lucrative and engaging your prizes are, the more likely that your constituents will compete to win.

I really want to use PayPal. Is PayPal an option with GoGo Photo Contest?

The short answer is: No. We use Stripe ( as our payment processor as it integrates seamlessly with our software.

The long answer is: We did have PayPal as an option with an earlier iteration of our software but had to ditch it because it caused more problems than it solved. PayPal's API forces donors to leave the site to make a donation, then click a link on PayPal's site to get back to the site in order for their votes to be credited correctly.

As you can imagine, many people missed the link, resulting in "lost" votes that weren't credited correctly. It quickly became a nightmare for our contest administrators, especially the final moments of a contest when every vote counts. No credible software in the donate-to-vote fundraiser industry uses PayPal for this reason.

Stripe ( integrates seamlessly with our software. Setting up a Stripe account is very similar to setting up a PayPal account (takes only a few minutes online) and all donations are deposited directly into your bank account through Stripe. In the over $5 million we've raised, we've never had a lost vote.

Stripe's payment processing fees are also competitive with PayPal's fees (Stripe charges a flat 2.75% fee on each transactions versus PayPal's 2.9% + 30 cents on each transaction).

How quickly can my contest be setup?
Most contests can be setup in under a week. We will work to meet your launch date!

Running your contest
How can I promote my GoGo Photo Contest fundraiser?
Promoting your photo contest via your website, email lists, Facebook, and Twitter pages is the one of the easiest ways to get the word out about the contest. Encourage your staff, volunteers, and friends to talk about the photo contest on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well!

You can also promote your contest using donated or purchased newspaper ads and radio spots. You can promote your contest in your organization's newsletter, by placing promotional posters around your community or using any other creative ideas you come up with.

Learn more about marketing your photo contest.

Learn more about boosting Facebook posts.
Will I receive the contact information of participants?
Yes. You will have access to all of the contact information collected for each person that enters or votes in your contest. Many organizations use their contest participants email addresses and mailing information for future fundraising initiatives.
When will the results of my contest be available?
GoGo Photo Contest dynamically calculates the current standings of your entries. The standings and donation totals on the GoGo Photo Contest website are updated in real-time and the winning entries will be visible immediately after your contest ends.
Will I have access to the photos uploaded to my contest site?
Yes- we store all of the original photo files uploaded to your contest site on our server, and you will have access to them (in their original sizes) after your contest has ended. This is convenient if you plan on creating a calendar or some other product (like a deck of cards) using the photos that have been uploaded to your photo contest.
How do I receive the funds that my contest has raised?
All of the donations processed through your photo contest site will be deposited directly into the bank account that you provide to Stripe during your merchant account setup (minus our contest transaction fees and credit card processing fees). These donations are deposited into your account on a rolling 2-day basis, so they are available to you almost immediately.
What kind of support is available?
GoGo Photo Contest offers email support throughout the process. We'll provide you as much, or as little help as you need. We'll even keep a close eye on your photo contest during its final hours to take care of any last-minute issues that come up.
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