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Bastione "Basti" Donato

Bastione "Basti" Donato

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I saw this precious boy posted and just knew we would fall in love with him. He is so affectionate and sleeps next to me every nite on his blue blanket with a pillow!

He is quite verbal and loves to be brushed (even his teeth) and is so dependable. He has become my very best friend. Basti is so kind. He is everything many of us strive to be but fail.

His birthday is 4/1/10 which is April Fools Day but he is no fool! My birthday is the next day so we celebrate both of our birthdays all month long.

I am told he was rescued from a hoarding situation with many cats. He had stopped eating and was hiding out in a ripped out mattress. This ragdoll became very sick and if Good Karma had not removed him when they did he most likely would not have survived for very long as he had been developing a sick liver.

He is 100 percent healthy now and will be loved and cared for well for the rest of his days here in his forever home. His shelter name Lucky has proven true!

He does not like doing the kitty walks in the harness or carriage but loves to hang on the catwalk we built on our lanai. He never gets tired of watching butterflies in the butterfly garden or listening to the fountains in our pool. His fav spot on the lanai is the bottom shelf of the rattan coffee table. I put comfy blankets there so it has really just become one big cat bed.

He also loves to snooze on the windowsills in our bedroom at night. His favorite thing to do is smash his nose hard into my face and rub up and down and side to side. He literally cannot get enough of my scent! Of course his paws go on either side of my face and he then he lays flat out on me. He does this every night before we fall asleep.

It is usually not too long after that that he snores. Oh my goodness I love that!

Basti gained weight since we adopted him and he is a big boy now! He loves to be held and carrying him around feels like I am carrying my dog when she was a puppy!

Basti plays with dog sibling Bella, Emiliana Maria "Emi" from Good Karma, Mogli Balboa and the newest blessing from Good Karma - kitten Stefania Joy Donato.

Favorite meals are tuna Basti's Poppy catches and brings home from the Bahamas, boiled chicken, minced parsley from our garden and tuna treats from

Favorite toys are stuffed banana catnip toys from Foster Mama Pat, Petlinks Mystery Motion, laser light and Cat Dancer.

Basti's Foster Mom and I have become good friends. We connect through texts or social media almost every day. She visited recently and gave me cat therapy considering a newly neutered male1 year old Persian we adopted from another rescue. Pat Dewald has become my kitty mentor helping me bring new ones successfully into our clowder. I would be lost without her help and I truly love having her in my life.

Basti was our first Good Karma kitty adoption. We are so grateful! He is grateful too. He was our first from Good Karma but will not be our last. Thank you Good Karma!!!!

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