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Siena Grace Buffington

Siena Grace Buffington

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Siena is the sweetest, silliest puppy around! At almost five months old and rescued from being sold as a newborn, we consider ourselves lucky pup parents. Her picture online was of her sister--and we got an even cuter (in our opinion) version!
She's on track to be a therapy dog and work with her mama in her private practice office as an assistant mental health counselor. Siena's foster mom loved to share stories about how she had to be physically touching her at all times as a tiny pup...and it's true to this day. We can't do dishes without her curling up like a cinnamon roll (as we like to call her) around our feet :) Sometimes Siena is more cat-like than anything; she sleeps under her mom's chair at work! But she won't be able to squeeze under there for too long...she's growing like a weed!
AND I bet you can't guess her breed/mix! Her vet said probably a beagle/sheltie, but DNA results say she's a bulldog/rat terrier/boxer blend...who would have known?! We just love her two different colored eyes, and so did the photographer who happened to snap her pic in a cafe on Siena's lunch break. It turns out Colleen Thompson loves creating pet portraits, and she edited this photo for us free of charge.
We hope you love Siena as much as we do! Though that's probably impossible ;)

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