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About Us

Our Mission
The purpose of Habitat for Horses Inc. is a) To promote and secure the safety, well being and health of horses. b) To encourage education concerning the physical and mental health of horses. c) To utilize horses in the growth and mental health of humans, either adult or children, through education, demonstration and connection. d) To study, promote, and enhance the proper training of horses through positive training techniques. e) To provide a home for those horses who are no longer able to be productive. f) To return to health, if possible, those owned horses that are deemed sick or injured.

Rescue and Rehabilitation
Keeping a horse in its home is the primary goal of our investigations team. When we receive a complaint about a neglected horse, we're usually able to correct the situation by providing assistance through education, medical assistance, feed
or hay. Should that not work, we turn to law enforcement. 

Since 1998, Habitat for Horses has worked closely with law enforcement throughout Texas and across the nation, assisting in investigations, temporary holding, documentation, and court presentation in abuse and neglect cases. All we ask in return is, if the horses are removed from the abusive owner, they be turned over to us for rehabilitation and adoption.

Every horse needs a home. Few moments are more treasured than watching a once starved horse, now healthy and happy, sharing a new home with a loving family. View our list of horses and donkeys, fully vaccinated, all medical work completed, and ready to join you and your family. They need you. Please call us for more information: 409-935-0277.

Thirty-two year old, the mother of countless foals, she passed through our gates after law enforcement took the owner to court. Starved, because "She ain't no good for nothin'.", she found her final home in our arms. It took six months of intense care to get her weight back to normal, then she took her last trip in a trailer up to our Sanctuary in North Texas.

Ragtime Ranch is entirely devoted to providing refuge to those equine that need to spend their final years in peace. Seventy acres of pure coastal hay, deep well water, the best feed, a vet close by, and the loving care of our best employees and volunteers await the elderly.

There is magic inside a horse.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Horses don't know how to lie. Like a mirror, they reflect back the exact feelings that a human presents to them. By utilizing that attribute under the guidance of a certified therapist, a client quickly becomes aware of the psychological patterns that cause a wide variety of personal issues.

Troubled teens, older adults, individuals, families and small groups can all benefit from controlled exercises
aimed specifically to present and confront issues that will aid in personal development.

Equine-assisted Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to interact with a living, feeling being without risking or fearing human interaction. It has become an excellent therapeutic method when delving into a family and personal relationships, PTSD, trauma disorders, addiction and core personality development.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding
For hundreds of years, doctors have known that horseback riding provides therapeutic advantages for patients with neurological or other disabilities. Equine facilitated therapy programs are found across the country. Performed under the strict supervision of a horse knowledgeable physical or occupational therapist, riding strengthens muscle tone and often negates abnormal posture.

By placing the patient in different positions the horse, the natural gait of the horse increases balance, co-ordination and motor development. Both children and adults benefit from therapeutic riding, including those adults with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, head injury and stroke.

Trained and certified therapist and assistants ensure the safety of clients by walking on each side to help stabilize and reposition the patient.

Both programs are available at our new facility in Manvel, Texas, a short drive south of Houston.

Habitat for Horses, Inc is a non-profit 501.c3 registered in Texas. Donations are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. A copy of our most recent financial statement may be obtained by sending $3 to the address below.

For more information on adoption and other programs - including financial assistance, contact our office M-F 8am - 3pm.

Law enforcement - contact our office for assistance in both civil and criminal enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

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Habitat for Horses
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Habitat for Horses
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