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Chairman Mau (The Chairman)

Chairman Mau (The Chairman)

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1 year 3 months

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Did you know that Black Cats are Siamese? It's true! Look it up. Well, Chairman Mau has those qualities that Siamese cats are known for! He has the triangle head with triangle ears and he has... Attitude. And a mouth. The Chairman thinks that he's a real thinker and he'll tell you all about it (and very loudly) but honestly he's more of a looker. He's super sweet and very cuddly and would, literally, never hurt a fly. He plays catch and release instead... Over and over again... With the same fly.
The Chairman will never miss an opportunity for headbutts and cheek rubs and is always always always prepared for belly rubs, too. He sleeps with his belly up and will quickly place his leg on your arm so as to support his belly up for extended lovin's. NEVER to push away.
Chairman Mau has many quirky traits that include coming in from outside to use his litter box (every time) and HATING red meat and most poultry. The finickiest cat I've ever known and yet he's still managed to get chonky!
The Chairman is my first kitty since childhood and he filled a hole with silky softness and silly bleps and maybe one of the most special things to me... He's the reason that my husband realized he's a cat person after all.
We love our boy!

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