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Hi my name is George. I live in a fur friendly house with my owners and my five other four legged siblings. Out of the three cats, two dogs and the chameleon whom I spend everyday with, I probably eat the most. I myself am a rescue kitten from HSSV and I was adopted with my brother almost three years ago. Since then I have lived happily with my family and I make sure to always eat plenty so that I never go hungry again. While living in this lovely family I lost my brother to a speeding car, but also got a new brother who is constantly keeping me company and helping me get much needed exercise. My older sister is a real Diva Cat and although she can be a brat sometimes, I still love her, after all, she is like a mother to my new younger brother. Dogs are...well dogs are just dogs. I don’t really understand them. One of my dog brothers is real confusing. Whenever I go up to brush against him as a welcome or a sign of affection he freaks out and runs away from me. It’s almost like he’s afraid of me, which to me makes no sense. My other doggy brother also acts unusual. He always likes his own personal space away from us cats and when I try to jump up on the bed next to him he gives me a warning growl. I’ve learned to ignore that so sometimes I get in trouble with him. He’s pretty grumpy. The other thing about him is he likes to go swimming...IN A POOL.....he’ll actually jump in all on his who does that. Water is disgusting. At my house I have a lot of nicknames, not just like one or two, maybe about twenty. I’ll list some of them out: Georgie, Fatty, Fatso, Gordo, Georgie Porgie, Bubble Belly, Blubber Face, Mushu, Blubber Butt, Fatty Patty, Gordito, Obesity, Chub-Chubs. And that’s not even half of them. I don’t really know what most of them mean, but I have a feeling it’s something like “cutie pie” or “sweet heart”. I was originally named after George Weasley. My brother who I was adopted with was named Fred. We were like the twins from the Harry Potter series. After his accident, my owners got a new kitten, whom they named Rubeus Hagrid, and that’s all of the Harry Potter names in the family. I suppose that if at some point my owners get another cat, it will also be named after the series. Being an HSSV rescue and living in a family of rescue kitties and doggies, I think it’s important to raise money for animals who aren’t as fortunate as I was, which is why I’m in this contest. The number of homeless pets is outrageous and i think that if we all contribute, we will be able to help them find their perfect home. Thanks for reading my story!

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