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A little about me...
Mandy is a rescue. She is a beautiful pedigree Australian Shepard but was beat when she was young. Everyday a young owner would beat her until she cowered down and cried with a baseball bat. She rarely fed her, and if she messed her beat her more, but never let her out to go potty from a cold porch during the winter months. She was left by herself on this porch and not allowed in the home. She was beat every day and again rarely got food to eat so she would eat and drink her own feces. A kind local trainer rescued her and when I heard her heart-breaking story, I knew we had to make her part of our herding family. She ran to me and my husband, she kissed us and sat right by my feet and would not leave. She chooses us. She is part of our family she has her own toys, own food, our bed and is the queen of our home, we have another puppy a Border Collie and introduced the two and instantly they bonded. Mandy has been always there next to me especially in the past few years when my MS started to kick in. I became wheelchair bound. Mandy sits by my feet and lays next to me in the bed. When I have an episode or fall, she alerts my husband. She has not been trained to do this she is just on the same wavelength as me. She has developed into a support pal for me. If I have an issue with my MS in my leg, she covers my leg gently until the spasm leaves. Sometimes this is several hours she does not move. She is very comforting to me. When I fell in the pool, she jumped in trying to save me, she had never been in the pool before. I was ok and helped her out, but she felt I need her help. She watches over me when we have company. She is still shy of men since her aggressor although many years ago was a younger male, she would prefer women and children. She had a very close connection to my granddaughter too, when a baby just learning to walk, Mandy would walk along side of her and on her two legs stand up and gentle very gentle give her a kiss on the cheek. She never pushed or ran around my granddaughter or me rather she seems to protect us both. Mandy is my girl, and she is now 7 1/2 years old I do not know what I would do if anything happened to Mandy, she seems to be part of me like no other dog. Mandy deserves to be recognized.

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