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Meatball, Gabagool, and Kevin

Meatball, Gabagool, and Kevin

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These 3 brothers were pulled out of a car engine at only 1 week old, after traveling to an oil change station, miraculously they were unharmed! My friend Jen happened to be in the right place at the right time when they were pulled out and her big heart just couldn't go on and pretend she didn't see 3 vulnerable lives at risk in front of her, so she called me. I immediately rushed over and went into momma bear mode. Neonatal kittens require a lot of attention, care and most importantly love and that is what my husband and I have given these 3 boys. Things were not easy in the beginning and it was touch and go for a little bit. Meatball (the darkest tabby) was the runt and refused to latch to a nipple, and in order for him to survive we had to tube feed him until he was able to figure out how to nurse; he now eats like a champ and steals his brothers food when he can. My husband and I spent many sleepless nights watching them and monitoring them to make sure they were okay and weren't declining. Kittens who were as little as there guys were and away from a mother have a hard all the odds against them and have a harder time surviving if not in the right hands and care. We were not planning on keep all 3 of them, totaling our number of cats to 5 but hand raising these 3 sweet boys and pouring our heart and souls into all of them we knew that we could not let them go or even think about splitting them up. They have a strong bond together and an even stronger bond with my husband and I. We are so thankful that we have been able to give them and will continue to give them a wonderful life and unconditional love, which they have also given back to us.

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