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Your Pet's Rescue Story
My mom and I found Storm and his three siblings on a very busy street corner along John Young Parkway. They were tiny at the time and it’s a miracle that the one playing along the curb caught my mom’s eye. We immediately pulled over. The first kitten was ambling along the curb and my mom could snag him easily. Once we had him we heard additional mewing and discovered a second kitten in the storm drain and two others in nearby woods. Knowing we needed help we called my mama. Luckily, we live only a couple blocks away so she could bring a box, blanket and a can of tuna. By the time, she arrived we had the second kitten in the car. The kittens in the woods required a little coaxing and some tuna but in no time, we had all four in a box and on the way back to our house. I had to go to dance and the whole way I couldn’t stop thinking about those cute kittens.

My mom took them to the vet and she estimated they were approximately 5 weeks old, and not only had worms but also ringworm! There were two girls and two boys in the litter. They made themselves at home on our patio and soon became fast friends with our small mixed breed dog and all our neighbors. Almost instantly our entire family fell in love with the little guy we found in the storm drain.

We know they are the cutest kittens on the face of the earth. We couldn’t keep all four so the girl kittens went to live with our neighbors. They’re named Thelma and Louise. Storm and Thunder are the boys. Storm stayed with us and Thunder went to live with my best friend.

Now let me tell you more about Storm. First, he has green eyes and the design on his fur looks like a hurricane. It is so pretty. He loves climbing trees and catching lizards. He does some things like Jake, our dog that went over the rainbow bridge, he sits when we give him treats and he retrieves balls. Sometimes we call him a cog (you know, a dog/cat) instead of a cat! The most important thing is he completes our family.

Written by Kira, age 9 (Edited by mom, age undisclosed)

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