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Your Pet's Rescue Story
In 2009 my chocolate lab Miah gave birth to 6 gorgeous labs. I decided at the time to keep a black boy and named him Archie (Greek for Arktos which means bear). For the next 7 years Archie and I were vitually inseparable. It was one happy family. In 2016 Archie began to cough and soon thereafter got sick, lung cancer. After testing and evaluation the prognosis was poor and I decided to spend as much time with Archie as possible. We commenced a bucket list of things to do, which we had put off, with Archie’s busy schedule and all. I must’ve taken several thousand pictures and dozens of videos. But alas on Feb 19, 2016 I had lost my Archie. I knew the pain of losing a parent but never that of a dog whom I had, for lack of a better word, raised as my kid. The emptiness, the anger, the pure sadness of everything was too much. I had no desire to love another dog at the time because my heart was a mess. Archie’s mother Miah was equally as depressed. Her appetite gone for 3 straight days until she decided to eat, perhaps to make me feel better as I’d fall asleep by her side and the bowl at night begging her to eat. Over the course of the next few months my family watched as I had no apathy, no smile. One day out of the blue my mother had invited me to a rescue event for cats, she’s a cat lover. I agreed but what I did not know was that it was for dogs as well. Once I got there, I noticed many people were smitten with this tiny chocolate lab. Initially I was curious but I resisted, mostly out of just lack of love at the time. In order to pass the time I sat down and began to look on my phone at pictures of Archie, cuz I couldn’t stop grieving. Suddenly I heard a commotion and immediately saw this chocholate lab making a run towards me. He quickly jumped on my lap and looked at me intently. A world of communication occurred in those few seconds and just like that he sat on my lap. Others noticed and quickly realized what I knew but had not realized. That Chewie found his rescue human that day. He saved my soul, and helped me mend my broken heart. As soon as I got home, Chewie busted into the house and when Miah saw Chewie it was the 1st time in a while she wagged her tail and gleefully barked. Lab owners will know what I mean by a gleeful lab bark. I truly wish I could share all the silly pictures of this precious soul that has come into my life. I don’t care for any glory, but I thought I’d share my story of the luck bestowed by this pup. We’ve been a happy family again. Thank you all.

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