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Panda Bear

Panda Bear

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Your Pet's Rescue Story
My little Panda Bear came into my life, somewhat, unexpectedly. I had lost both of my senior dogs within 6 months. I wasn’t sure I was ready for a new fur baby, but I always browsed rescue sites, just to look. Then one day I checked one of my go-to sites, and there was this little heart shaped nose puppy, smiling at the camera. I knew I had to apply for her and I did so right away. I couldn’t wait 2 days before I messaged the rescue to see if I was approved., and I was. I went to the rescue the next day to meet her, it wasn’t what I expected. She was stiff and scared, ran away from me. Turns out, she and her siblings were found as strays in Georgia. When they were rescued from a shelter she’s had horrible mange and needed time to recover. She stayed at the rescue for a month before she was available. But, I knew she would be more timid than either dog I had before, I wasn’t sure I could handle it and I wasn’t sure I was ready for her. When I getting ready to leave, after holding her a second time, I put her down and she went back in the yard where she lived. But she hesitated. She walked maybe 3 feet, directly across from me on the other side of the fence, and just laid down. I didn’t even make it home before I knew she needed to be home with me. 2 days later, I made that happen. She was scared, she hid behind my shed the minute I got home. Once I finally was able to reach her, she laid on the old blanket I had for my dogs, the entire first day. The only thing she got up for was food and she would run if I walked towards her. We went to bed that night still not as comfortable as I hoped she would be. Thankfully, progress happened rather quickly. The next night, she jumped in bed with me...the day after she started following me around...a week later I could let her in the backyard without her hiding. But, she still walked with her tail tucked and unsure about anything but her toys. Then it happened, a few weeks in, she smiled. She smiled at me. She smiled for me. Her tail came out and she’s become the goofy, playful, happy little baby dog I always hoped she would be. Although, she still has some confidence to build, I’m confident we can do it together. She has filled my heart with that heart shaped nose, making me realize there’s always room for more love.

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