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Dr. Dealgood “Doc”

Dr. Dealgood “Doc”

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Your Pet's Rescue Story
We have adopted retired racing greyhounds in the past and have a good relationship with the local Greyhound Pets of America group. After our last greyhound passed away, we hadn’t talked about adopting another one. And then the “sob story” email came out. Doc, a greyhound still racing at the local track, was found to have a degenerative retinal disease that would cause him to lose his sight. He was promised to the GPA adoption group once he was done racing. Of course, we emailed our contact asking for more information—and within an hour she was calling us. Though Doc’s trainers knew he was losing his sight, he was still bringing in some wins at the track, so he was not yet available. For the next two weeks we kept an eye on his situation—and lucky for him (and us), he started losing all his races! As soon as he was released by the company that owned him, he was ours! He had never been in a home before, and his sight was already fading. This made him very nervous about all new situations. For the first week with us, he only came out of his crate to go potty (a conditioned response leftover from being let out of his kennel crate). He even ate his food inside his crate! As he got more comfortable with us and the house, he started to come out of his shell. New people made him nervous and for the first few months he would hide in a corner when we had company. Now, less than 18 months later, he is a completely different dog. He loves people, greets everyone that comes over, and has the typical greyhound “lean” when standing next to you. People who don’t know of his vision loss don’t even realize that he cannot see anything up close, and can only see motion at distance. He is a sweet, happy boy who loves his people and his canine and feline brothers and sisters.

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