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Your Pet's Rescue Story
So our house was full. Two dogs, two cats, and a three year old. We had no plans on getting any bigger.

That was until one day, when Tam was volunteering for a rescue organization, and the three year old and I went to pay her a visit. And that is when we met Mary. She was scraggly, and unlike the puppies everyone was fawning over, she was a new mother, and not getting much attention. Her hair was a disaster, and it was clear that she had just given birth. She wasn't smelling great, had missing teeth, and a limp in her right leg, from what we discovered was a bullet in her shoulder.

It was not her best day.

Now, little did I know, that Tam had connected a bit with Mary earlier, and saw just how special she was. Of all the dogs there, we had no idea that this was the one that mommy was looking at. Our 3 year old connected with her immediately. Both she and I could see that this dog was something unique, beautiful, and most of all, made entirely of love. Tam revealed only well after we fell for her, that she had seen Mary, too. We were all on the same page - Mary needed to be with us.

Now, Tam and I are skeptical by necessity. If she were to bring home every hard case she encountered in her day to day of working with animals, we'd have 5,000 dogs. At least. And I might be okay with that. But walking to the car that day with Mary, still uncertain about the adoption, or how Mary would react to having two rowdy brothers, or how much her medical bills would cost us, our three year old proudly proclaimed "I have a dog. I like Mary. Three dogs. I have three dogs." And that skepticism faded just a little bit.

Mary is still wonderful, still made of love, and I can't imagine our lives without her. She's perfect.

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