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A few days before complete lockdown - my daughter and I took an impromptu drive to Pet Alliance/SPCA of Sanford. We just had a feeling that we needed to get a buddy and had seen some pics online.

We came with no expectations and there were few dogs left at the shelter. We walked right past him at first glance - snaggle toothed underbite, hair wild and dirty (Man, you’re kinda ugly cute I thought) jumping around and with a note that says something along the lines of ‘likes to runaway’...
Uh-oh, I’ve had that happen a lot before with our family’s dog Alex and kept walking.

“Well kiddo, I guess it’s not our day” I said to my daughter.
She replied “What about Roofus? He was cute, and he shouldn’t be alone during coronavirus! Everyone deserves a home!”

I couldn’t beat that logic. We are more than fortunate and capable to help - and we were more than ready for a little buddy. I turned off the car, went back inside and we all met.

He ran in wild. Then jumped around us. He wasn’t really interested in toys or treats - just happy to be out of the kennel. I got his attention - opened his mouth, he didn’t bite - we were set.

Roofus has been in two other homes. He escaped from one and was found in the woods and then surrendered because he couldn’t stop running away. He was at the shelter for 12 days prior to us arriving - he also had kennel cough. Poor scruffy guy. He was rough! But he took his meds like a champ.

We struck gold with this guy! He grunts and growls like a gremlin. Makes musical toots. Can’t eat dry food without it falling out his mouth (underbite). Cuddles like it’s his job. Fiercely protects us if he hears a noise in the house or yard at night. Loves armpit rubs and jumps into bed when he knows it’s time to sleep.
Made a little girlfriend - Hey Elaina! Another beautiful wire haired terrier rescue down the street ;)
He doesn’t fight with our two cats - rather he lets them test his food first before he digs into it! He opens ALL the doors. Sleeps through the night and day - passes out snoring with his mouth open in his chair.

He jumps in the pool to cool off when he runs out back. He hunts lizards, chases away squirrels - for a few minutes. Mainly he likes to lay down - which he has to do oddly with his hind legs splayed out, making sure every inch of his belly is touching the ground.

He loves us and we love him. He’s estimated to be at least 4 years old, We’re hoping that’s true because we want all the time we can get with this little gremlin. And no, we didn’t change his name - he came as Roofus, and it’s perfect.

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