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Rosie Argentina

Rosie Argentina

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Jillian Drake

Your Pet's Rescue Story
Prior to rescuing Rosie my dog passed away and my neighbor who was use to me being bubbly and happy could tell I was having a hard time with the loss. When I first moved into the neighborhood I had noticed due to this neighbors disability he was having a hard time handling daily activities. When I mowed my lawn, I made sure to mow his. When I went to get grocery I offered to take his list and shop for him hoping these little things would make his life easier.

One day as I was pulling into work dreading having to go home to an empty house without my dog my neighbor was waiting for me out front and said Jillian you've never asked me for anything and always help me. He handed me a check and said please take this and promise me to use it to rescue a dog that needs a good home.

Days later I went to rescue Rosie and on the day that I was able to pick her up and take her home she became very sick and I rushed her to the vet. I was told that she had Parvo and if I had not taken her in to be seen she would have most likely died from the disease that day. I rushed her to an emergency vet who told me not to get my hopes up she probably wouldn't make it. I sat there waiting in this clinic thinking how could this happen I just lost my dog can I take losing another so soon? The veterinarian came out and asked me if I wanted to give her up since she was sick and I had only had her for a day. I thought to myself your neighbor gave you that check for a reason to rescue this dog you can't give up on her.

I left the vet and was told I would get updates on her condition throughout the week. The thought of this little puppy all alone, sick was all I could think about. Although I was told I could not visit her due to Parvo being contagious I got in my car one day and drove to see her. I asked the vet to let me sit with her and like all of the other times I asked before on the phone he said no. As I was leaving he jokingly stated that I shouldn't waste my time coming back to see her unless I wanted to wear a bio hazard suit like they do when they walk in to treat her. I turned around and said you know what get me the suit that works!! He looked at me like I was crazy and said fine I'll go get you the suit.

So I suited up and walked into this little room feeling like an astronaut and I sat down next to my new puppy who I had only met once. She was so tiny and sick but happy to see someone. I sat there with her and although I couldn't pet her I told her how much I already loved her and promised her if she got better we would have so many adventures. I left that day determined to go back as much as I could to show her she was loved.

Rosie lived in this clinic for 3 months fighting for her life . Each week I traveled out to the clinic after work where I suited up and sat with her. Eventually she started to get better and with each visit we bonded more. One day I got the call I was waiting to get for months from my vet. He had seen how much my weekly visits meant to me and Rosie and when I picked up the phone that day he said we did it Jill she's going to make it! Come get your girl! 4 years later I can honestly say that Rosie has changed my life for the better. She makes every day brighter and I truly think we were meant to rescue each other the day I adopted her.

I hope our story encourages others to rescue a pet that needs a good home and donate to this amazing organization that helped me save my Rosie.

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