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Your Pet's Rescue Story
While spending a summer clerking for a judge in South Florida, I took the opportunity to volunteer at the Tri-County Animal Rescue in Boca Raton. Someone had "rescued" two day-old kittens from a feral cat and brought them to this shelter. Both kittens were quite feeble, and only one kitten took to a nursing mama cat. The shelter explained to me that the other kitten would not make it without 'round-the-clock care, which they could not provide, so I of course took him home with me.

Several days passed before the kitten's health began to quickly decline. In a panic, I returned to the shelter for help and was told the kitten, George, was just too weak to survive. I was then informed that George's "brother" would likely not survive, either, as a deadly, contagious illness spread through the shelter.

Though heartbroken and grieving the loss of my little George, I had no doubt that I would take the other baby home with me. I peered into the glass container where Murrie sat, looking at me with HER sweet blue (eventually green) eyes she had just opened that day. I fell in love instantly. Murrie proved stronger than George, but she still had to overcome major health obstacles, including a bout of dehydration requiring an emergency vet visit when she began refusing her bottle. When they are that tiny, they go down quick.

Murrie received love and care at all hours during her most fragile weeks. Eventually, she would find a place next to me in bed to keep warm during the nights. Every time I turned over, I brought her with me as I was so afraid I might inadvertently roll over this tiny kitten!

Through the years, Murrie has traveled with me on vacations and moved with me to several different cities and even halfway across the country. She is now a decade old, but she still sleeps with me at night, now on my pillow like a halo. When I am sad, she licks my hands as if to say "dont be sad." She also has a fire in her, and she will fiercely protect what she claims! Murrie is quite extraordinary and so very special to me. I will always consider Murrie my daughter cat; I love her more than words can express.

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