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Foo-Foo Kitty

Foo-Foo Kitty

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Your Pet's Rescue Story
It all started on a Sunday drive to get fish food at a local pet store. While shopping I overheard a customer at the pet store ask about the local animal shelter and they said it was open today and just a few miles down the road. Since I had lost our cat "Snickerdoodles" a few months prior from cancer, my ears perked up and I said let's go check it out. We were surprised that a shelter was open on Sunday (since we work during the week when our local shelter is normally open). So back in the Jeep and off we drove. We walk into the shelter and there, right in front of me was the most perfect black and white tuxedo cat just like the one I had very fond memories of, when I was younger!
So I gently opened up his cage and that's when he backed up, hissed, swatted and growled. Feeling embarrassed, I closed his cage quickly with tears in my eyes, mascara running down my cheeks and a drop of blood dripping from my finger where a claw had dug in. I am a cat lover so I thought he must be just having a bad day, cats love me. Just not him on that particular day. So, I forgave him and decided to keep looking. I looked over at the cage right next to him. There she quietly was......a long haired, white, ragged looking and skinny (but I guess we were all a bit skinnier back then) cat about 2 years old and she meowed at me! I slowly opened her cage not wanting to admit defeat again, wiping tears away from my face. Slowly I reached in and her fur was amazing to the touch, she licked my hand! OMG! She licked my hand!
Then she purred and then it happened, those beautiful, beautiful clear BLUE eyes looked at me.
I adopted her and within minutes she had a new home.
We had to stop at the pet store for supplies on our way home again because we were not prepared for a new family member to be joining us.
We always think about chances and Foo-Foo Kitty is one of them. Loss of our beloved cat, nothing to do on a Sunday morning, ran out for fish food, over heard a conversation, met a cat who didn't like me and then got a new family member. What's the chances?
That was about 6 years ago and she is now a very spoiled, loved,
fluffy (never fat), and
happy, content Foo-Foo Kitty girl..... Purr!!!!

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