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Your Pet's Rescue Story
Some people say my Mommy saved me from numerous Animal Control trucks patrolling our neighborhood (and she did), but the truth is I saved my Mommy. On December 26, 2015, as I was lurking through the bushes, I heard this strange heart-wrenching sound coming from across the street. There was a Human sitting on her driveway hunched over and she appeared to be in pain. I meowed a few times trying to get her attention, and after a few minutes the Human finally looked over in my direction. As soon as I made eye contact with the Human, I knew something was wrong because her face was wet and her eyes were red. With no reluctance whatsoever, I ran across the street and jumped straight into the Human’s lap, laid down, and just purred. I had to let this Human know that everything was going to be alright. This Human was going to be my Mommy; she just didn’t know it yet. As I lay in the Human’s lap, I learned that just a few hours ago, her doggy best friend had unexpectedly gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This was why her face was wet and her eyes were red; she had been crying for hours over the loss of her furry friend. I purred louder, licked her hand, and gave her looks of comfort with my sweet green eyes for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, the Human got up and started walking away towards the door to her house. Well, I had to go with her because I couldn’t let his heartbroken Human get away! I knew I was sent to love her! I followed her down the sidewalk, right at her heels, meowing the whole way so she knew I was still there. When the Human opened the door to go to inside, I gave one last loud meow, and as the Human looked down at me, I gave her the cutest face that I could possibly muster….and it worked! She picked me up and brought me inside! Success! Once inside, I realized that now I had to win over the male Human who also lived there. To my delight, it didn’t take much to win him over as he seemed to fall in love with me instantly. In fact, he was the one to give me my special name. My name is Esprit, which is French for “spirit”. My Daddy gave me this name because he says, “I lifted my Mommy’s spirits during such a dark time in her life and because I have the sweetest spirit of any kitty out there”! Now, I live a wonderful life with my Mommy and Daddy, and even have two fur-baby sisters! Don’t tell anyone, but my Mommy is my favorite! I love to cuddle, make biscuits, and give her kisses! We were meant to meet that night and now we have a lifetime of love ahead of us! I guess the real truth is that we saved each other!

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