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Little Girl and Buhdidia (Buhdi)

Little Girl and Buhdidia (Buhdi)

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Your Pet's Rescue Story
After my mane coon cat who was 21 yrs old passed I went to animal rescue to find a new cat to love, I never made it past Little girls cage. She was 9 months old and had been kept in a cage since birth to be a show dog, we locked eyes and I waited 4 hours to adopt her( the head of the facility didn't believe I would make a good long term parent based on my "looks")I endured a 2 hour interview and I was again told they still didn't think I would be a good forever parent but I refused to leave without her. we have been together for 13+ years and she still has her "puppy" moments. (she is the white Golden Doodle in the photo.)
While caring for my autistic nephew after he was released to me from foster care, I drove to the end of the road everyday to pick him up from the bus. One day there was a toy poodle laying in the middle of the road,I nearly scooped her up and took her home, but figured she belonged to someone in the neighborhood. Three days later the children who lived in the house by the bus stop were going door to door asking if the toy poodle belonged to anyone. ( my nephew was outside and came in and told me this), I practically ran to the door to say "she's mine"! but my partner was attempting to push me back away from the door telling me no, I pushed past him, took the poor flea covered toy poodle and my partner and I immediately gave her a flea bath and as my partner held her in his arms wrapped in a towel shivering, he said "aww, my little buddy" ( we at first thought she was a boy until we took her to the vet the next day so we changed her name to Buhdi) She has been with us for 5 years and I think she keeps Little Girl young. Buhdi chose me as her owner and follows me everywhere I go, much to the dismay of my partner who tells everyone that I stole her from him lol. I am disabled but both of my babies have given me so much love and comfort through the years and I appreciate them so very much, they are truly my little angels.

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