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Your Pet's Rescue Story
The first time I ever saw Gucci, I opened my bedroom door to sixty pounds of excitement bounding towards me full speed. As a person that was never a 'dog person,' I was initially terrified. I quickly slammed my bedroom door shut and screamed to my roommate, 'Whose dog is that?!' Come to find out, she had been roaming behind the nightclub he worked at the night before. She had no collar and was clearly hungry. He fed her through the night during his shift and at the end of the night she followed him to his car and hopped right in. Not wanting to leave her, he just drove home with her happily in the passengers seat.

After my initial shock wore off, it only took about a minute for me to fall in love. Her intimidating appearance was just a facade, she was just a big bundle of sweetness. I took her to the vet that afternoon and was given an explanation that appeared to have been all too familiar to the vet office staff. From the looks of it, she was about two and had clearly produced a litter of puppies. From their experience, she had been used to breed, her puppies able to fetch upward of a thousand dollars, and then been dumped. Used for greedy human consumption and then dumped like a used piece of trash. I took her home that afternoon with tears in my eyes. How could people be so cruel?

That day I made the decision that she was never going to experience being discardable again. I was going to give her that loving home. She was going to live the rest of her days feeling wanted and appreciated. Since that day seven years ago, she has never left my side. I adopted her, but more importantly she adopted me.

They say rescuing a pet sometimes rescues the owner, even if they didn't know they needed rescuing. Through these last seven years, she has been my rock. Through dysfunctional relationships, learning to cope with anxiety, and other personal trials and tribulations, she has always been there, sometimes being all I had. She never fails to make me smile even in my darkest times. She always knows just the right time I need a big, wet, pitbull kiss. I literally have no idea what I would do or where I would be without her.

So to the horrible person that saw her as trash, thank you. Because one man's trash is another man's treasure. You gave me my treasure. You gave me my best friend.

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