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My dog is the coolest because...
Kyrah is the coolest dog in the world for many reasons. For starters, she sleeps on her own twin mattress. That alone makes her cool.

Her favorite thing in the world is to, "go for a ride". It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, the back windows have to be down at least while you are in town. On the highway, you are allowed to roll them up but if you forget to bring them down again once you slow down, you will get a sloppy wet reminder as she puts her head on your shoulder and lets out a huge sigh. The level two reminder is an even wetter kiss in your ear. In the spring, she will wear her pink doggy safety goggles so no June bugs can injure her eyes.

She also the worlds best helper. All you have to do is ask and she will be right there. She especially loves to help with tasks where you have to lay on the ground and turn a wrench or a screwdriver. Her face will end up between you and whatever you are trying to accomplish and yes... you will get more wet sloppy kisses. She will also press her head down on you as if to impart her vast knowledge of the subject you are obviously not skilled in or you wouldn't have asked for help in the first place. If you have to move around, she will make sure your path is clear before you get there by ending up exactly where you were trying to go just as you get there. That way you can't trip or fall over anything else but her.

When you eat, she is front and center to make sure you don't over eat and she will help if anything happens to fall. To this day, she has never laid a tooth on anyone's finger when they share. You could let your two year old give her a piece of meat and not worry about an incident.

Kyrah also loves to take long walks. When you first start out, it's sometimes hard to tell who is walking who. As you go, no squirrel, bird, cat, dog, deer, chipmunk, blowing leaf or previously pee'd on spot by another dog will go unnoticed. If you happen upon some of the above mentioned wild life or events on the next 2 or 5 walks, she will remember exactly where she saw it and will anticipate seeing it again. When it gets cold, she wears her jacket and safety shoes that light up to protect her feet from the cold and ice.

I don't need an alarm clock because she will always make sure I am out of bed before 6AM. Not so much to keep me from oversleeping but because I am in her spot at that point. When I come home from work, she will meet me at the end of the driveway at 40 mph but never runs into me. I can hand her something and she will carry it in for me. Usually some junk mail. If she doesn't meet me at the end of the driveway, she meets me at the door with a toy so we can either play tug-of-war or fetch. I can tell her anything and she always listens intently to every word no matter how boring.

She helps you maintain your self defense skills because at any time, her tail could bring you to your knees if you are not always ready to block the incoming strike. That tail should have to be registered as a lethal weapon but I don't know of that law being enforced just yet. Pretty sure the police use a club designed on her tail to defend themselves. Its also important to close your eyes and mouth when she shakes her ears because goober will fly!

On the serious side, she is the best friend you could have. Having a dog like her in your life is a blessing beyond measure. She can always be counted on to hang out, sit on your lap, give or receive a big hug or help you with anything you need. Literally, she gives hugs. There is no cooler dog!

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