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Please read the rules carefully before submitting your photo. Images that do not follow the guidelines may not be eligible to be included in the 2024 calendar.

How can my pet be featured in the 2024 calendar?

The top vote-getter from each category (dog, cat, other) will receive a month spread in the 2024 calendar. 

A panel of judges will choose 9 eligible original photo entries to be considered for the remaining month spreads in the 2024 calendar.

The top five vote-getters from each category will have their original photo entry featured in a special spread inside the calendar.

All photo entries with 5 votes or more are guaranteed inclusion in the calendar or on the collage pages! 

What are the requirements to be featured in a month spread?
  • Photos must be high-resolution (300 dpi) and be taken horizontally to be eligible 
  • Photos containing people's faces or wildlife are not eligible to win
  • Dogs must be wearing a flat collar or harness with tag. No choke chains or prong collars will be permitted in photographs
  • Dogs must not have undergone non-medical cosmetic surgery while in the owner's care
  • Pasadena Humane cannot accept copyrighted photos unless the owner of the copyright agrees to the usage rights of the contest
  • Photos must be full color. Heavily edited or filtered photos will not be eligible to win
  • Photos with professional photographer watermarks will not be eligible to be included in the calendar

How much does it cost to enter?

Entries are $25 per photo. You may enter as many times as you’d like. All proceeds benefit the animals at Pasadena Humane.

*A minimum of 5 votes is required for inclusion in the 2024 calendar

How do I vote?

Votes are $1 each and you can vote for your own pet's photo(s) as many times as you'd like. All votes are tax-deductible.

Click “View Entries/Vote”. Search or browse the photos then click on the entry that you’d like to vote for. You can cast your vote(s) on the pet's page!

The deadline to cast votes is 11:00 PM PDT July 31, 2023.

Easily share your pet's photo entry on social media by using the buttons on their page. Share with your friends and family and ask them to vote!

How do I get a great photo of my pet?
  • Take your photo in a well-lit area during the day. Natural light is your friend! If you're indoors, open a curtain or blind to let natural light in. If your light is coming from a window, take your photo with the window behind you (the photographer), so your pet is facing the light. Avoid photographing your pet with the window behind them, as this will cause them to look backlit.
  • Get down to your pet's level! Crouching or kneeling allows you to get the angle of your pet that's most flattering.
  • Encourage eye contact for an engaging photo! Find out what gets your pet's attention - it can be a treat, a toy, or a noise you make. Hold the treat or toy right above the camera lens or make an interesting noise to get your pet to look at the camera.
  • Take lots of photos! Photographing pets is a numbers game, and the more photos you take, the more likely it is that you'll get a great one.

How will I know if I won?

Winners will be contacted via email at the conclusion of the contest. You can check the leaderboard on the home page to see how your pet is doing!

When will I receive my calendar?

Calendars will be mailed in Fall of 2023.

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